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Many people feel they don’t have space or a need for church in their lives, thinking it to be old fashioned or irrelevant. Perhaps it doesn’t fit in with their image of God.  Church brings people closer to God and to each other and in doing so can transform lives. Whether you are struggling with loneliness, addictions, low self worth, or simply searching for some meaning and hope in your life, church is where you can find it so why not visit us. On the other hand if you feel you have things firmly under control and like to worship come along to The Church, Enfield.


Hey there, if you are reading this, then you must be after The Church Enfield. However, due to Covid-19, we have not been allowed back at Safestore and as such we have no home right now. We currently do still have a regular Saturday Morning meeting via zoom, so please get in contact if you want to know more. 

Hello all, unfortunately this year has not been the best has it? 2020 was a strange year to be honest. But we hope to see you in the new year in 2021. Keep praying and God Bless.

Due to COVID-19 We are shut until further notice.

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