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Worship, study and friendship are important parts of church life so we try and make sure that there are lots of opportunities for each.



CROSS TALK (10.00am – 10:45am) at The Church:


CROSS TALK STUDY: A small study class aimed at understanding the Bible in greater depth. Takes place evey second Saturday of the month.

KIDS CHURCH (9:45am – 10.45am) at The Church - First Church takes place on the second Saturday of every month. It is aimed at children up to aged 11.  It is packed with fun activities and stories and is a great introduction to church.


MAIN WORSHIP SERVICE  (11.15am – 12:30pm) at The Church - The main worship service is a relaxed family service open to all. Join us for worship, prayer, a children’s spot and the message followed by refreshments.

If there is a fifth Sabbath in the month, there will be a Simple Service! This means that the set up for the church will be minimal.




STUDY GROUPS at the Pastor’s House. Whether you are looking to understand the basics of Christianity, or tackle the difficult questions there is a study course that you can join. Courses are run thoughout the year. (According to schedule)


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